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The Low Voltage Agreement Group ...

...stands for high competence in testing and certification of low voltage industrial equipment.

The basic aim of LOVAG is the harmonisation of the ­testing and certification of industrial low ­voltage ­equipment. Therefore - ­adhering to IEC standards, ­European Norms (EN) and European directives; such as the Low ­Voltage Directive (LVD) and the ­Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC).

The new LOVAG Logo for the Agreement Group symbolises the European commitment for certified quality.

... and the LOVAG Certification Mark

The successful development of LOVAG - the Low Voltage Agreement Group and the LOVAG Certification Mark - is ­reflected in the external appearance.

LOVAG offers third party certification by providing LOVAG Type Test Certificates and the LOVAG Certification mark - the One Sign of Quality. Therefore occurs LOVAG with the new logo for the agreement group and its own new logo for the certification mark.

The LOVAG Certification Mark symbolises the European compliance mark providing global ­access to largest worldwide markets for low voltage industrial products.


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